New siRNA nanotherapy for inflammatory bowel diseases (targeting Jak1/3)

A European Horizon 2020 Project (New Deal)

"New siRNA nanotherapy for inflammatory bowel diseases" is a European Horizon 2020 Project run under the auspices of the New Deal, a 4-year collaborative effort begun in January 2017. The New Deal is by a consortium of 11 partners in 5 different European countries whose joint goal is to develop a highly selective local therapy that will improve upon the efficacy and safety of existing IBD treatments.

Specific project aims:

1) Radically improve the efficacy of IBD therapy by heightening the specificity towards the targets JAK1/3 via means of siRNA technology;

2) Develop nanoparticulate advanced technology and drug formulation for the local delivery of siJAK1/siJAK3 in the inflamed gut;

3) Promote the realization and future industrial transfer of this new product for IBD therapy in a clinical setting.

The role of the IDIBAPS/IBD Unit in this project will be to perform the in vitro and in vivo efficacy studies of siJAK1/siJAK3 nanotherapeutics. Our broad expertise with human intestinal organoid cultures, as well as with in vivo models of IBD, will be a driving force in the realization of this new IBD nanotherapy.

In addition, our extensive clinical and basic research knowledge in the IBD field will facilitate the translation of these studies and any novel therapies into future clinical trials.

This New Deal project aims to develop an orally administered drug that will specifically reach the inflamed intestine, targeting JAK1/3 via siRNA-nanoparticle technology.